The Plumbing Department offers quick service, regardless of the scope of your work. Thanks to its varied expertise, Pagui Plumbing can take charge of your plumbing projects and your heating and cooling systems, no matter whether they run on natural gas or propane.

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Holding a general and specialized contractor’s licence and ISO:9000 certification,  Pagui is a partner of choice for subcontracted building mechanical projects or as general contractor.

Our Services

Pagui Plumbing stands out for its extensive service offering:

  • Drainage system
  • Domestic water supply system
  • Natural gas system
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Water tower installation
  • Oil networks
  • Mechanical room repair (installation of cooler, boiler, pump, exchanger…)
  • Energy loops

Our job site teams are qualified to install a wide range of products. From stainless steel pipes to pipes with crimp connectors or laboratory pipes, we can carry out your project successfully.

Pagui Plumbing has a major advantage: its competent prefabrication team. The work is optimized in the shop to obtain better quality control. This quick work method also limits welding on site, which can cause unwanted odours, and reduces work time.

Advantages of Pagui Plumbing

Pagui’s proactive and ingenious Plumbing Department can guide you to the best service offering. Our employees’ health and safety are at the core of our philosophy, and you’ll have nothing to fear regarding compliance with OHS standards.

Whether you opt for turnkey management, a cost-reimbursable contract or an all-in project, our team supports you at every step of the mandate, while answering your questions.